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Agapi Svolou
March 2010 - Presentation ASAP: Applying Services (CMMI-SVC) and People CMM

Topics: CMMI

Agapi Svolou and Palma Buttles describe how the combined use of People CMM and CMMI for Services can help develop competitive advantages in the services marketplace.

March 2008 - Presentation A Holistic Approach to Process Improvement Using the People CMM and the CMMI-DEV: Technology, Process, People, and Culture, the Holistic Quadripartite

Topics: CMMI

This presentation examines the role that organizational culture plays in the "process triangle" of people, process, and technology.

March 2007 - Presentation People CMM and CMMI Synergy: Maintaining Long-Term CMMI-Based Improvement Through Enhanced Workforce Practices

Topics: CMMI

This presentation looks at synergies between CMMI and the People CMM.

October 2003 - Special Report CMMI Interpretive Guidance Project: Preliminary Report

Topics: Process Improvement, CMMI

The SEI collected data to learn more about how CMMI is being accepted by various organizations. This report describes those activities and includes summaries of the data collected.