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Scott R. Tilley (Florida Institute of Technoloy)
April 1999 - Technical Report Why Reengineering Projects Fail

This 1999 report highlights some of the most important reasons for failures in reengineering efforts despite the best of intentions.

May 1998 - Technical Report DoD Product Line Practice Workshop Report

Topics: Software Product Lines

This report synthesizes the 1998 product line workshop presentations and discussions that described selected product line practices and identified barriers and enablers to achieving these practices within the DoD.

April 1998 - Technical Report A Reverse-Engineering Environment Framework

This 1998 report describes a framework for reverse-engineering environments used to aid program understanding.

February 1998 - Technical Report Coming Attractions in Program Understanding II: Highlights of 1997 and Opportunities in 1998

This report highlights important developments in program-understanding work in 1997 and outlines some of the opportunities in the field in 1998.

December 1997 - Technical Report Approaches to Legacy System Evolution

Topics: System of Systems

This report outlines a comprehensive system evolution approach that incorporates an enterprise framework for the application of the promising technologies in the context of legacy systems.

October 1997 - Special Report Report of the STEP '97 Workshop on Net-Centric Computing

This 1997 report describes the STEP '97 conference, overviews the Net-Centric Computing workshop, and provides a summary of the invited presentations.

October 1997 - Technical Report Discovering DISCOVER

This 1997 report describes investigations into DISCOVER, a modern software development and maintenance environment.

June 1997 - Technical Report Implications of Distributed Object Technology for Reengineering

This 1997 report provides definitions of various software evolution concepts and a taxonomy of activities.

April 1997 - Technical Report The Year 2000 Problem: Issues and Implications

This report outlines the basic issues of the so-called "Year 2000" (Y2K) problem and discusses some of its implications.

December 1996 - Technical Report Coming Attractions in Program Understanding

This report identifies some of the emerging technologies in program understanding, which is the process of acquiring knowledge about a software artifact through analysis, abstraction,and generalization.