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Mary C. Ward
October 2007 - Technical Report COTS and Reusable Software Management Planning: A Template for Life-Cycle Management

Topics: Acquisition Support

Authors: William Anderson, Edwin J. Morris, Dennis B. Smith, Mary C. Ward

This 2007 report presents a COTS and Reusable Software Management Plan that can serve as a guide for how to manage multiple COTS and other reusable software components in complex systems.

August 2006 - Technical Report Techniques for Developing an Acquisition Strategy by Profiling Software Risks

Topics: Acquisition Support

Authors: Mary C. Ward, Joseph P. Elm, Susan Kushner

This report introduces a taxonomy of strategy drivers and strategy elements and provides a method for performing a comparative analysis of the strategy drivers and the resulting strategic choices for the elements.

January 2005 - Presentation A Method for Reasoning About an Acquisition Strategy

Topics: Acquisition Support

Authors: Joseph P. Elm, Mary C. Ward

This presentation about software acquisition was given in January 2005 by Mary Catherine Ward and Joseph P. Elm.