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Nelson W. Weiderman
September 1999 - Technical Note DoD Legacy System Migration Guidelines

Topics: System of Systems

This report provides a set of DoD legacy system migration guidelines.

September 1999 - Technical Note Options Analysis for Reengineering (OAR): Issues and Conceptual Approach

Topics: System of Systems

This 1999 report outlines the foundation of a structured and coherent method, based on the "horseshoe" model, that will help practitioners make appropriate reengineering choices.

April 1999 - Technical Report Why Reengineering Projects Fail

This 1999 report highlights some of the most important reasons for failures in reengineering efforts despite the best of intentions.

May 1998 - Special Report Report on the Second International Workshop on Development and Evolution of Software Architectures for Product Families

Topics: Software Architecture

This report summarizes the discussions and outcomes of the Second International Workshop on Development and Evolution of Software Architectures for Product Families, held in February 1998.

December 1997 - Technical Report Approaches to Legacy System Evolution

Topics: System of Systems

This report outlines a comprehensive system evolution approach that incorporates an enterprise framework for the application of the promising technologies in the context of legacy systems.

June 1997 - Technical Report Distributed Object Technology with CORBA and Java: Key Concepts and Implications

This 1997 report analyzes the impact of distributed object technology (DOT) on software engineering practice.

June 1997 - Technical Report Implications of Distributed Object Technology for Reengineering

This 1997 report provides definitions of various software evolution concepts and a taxonomy of activities.

September 1995 - White Paper Assessing the Quality of Large, Software-Intensive Systems: A Case Study

Topics: Software Architecture

This paper presents a case study in carrying out an audit of a large, software-intensive system.

June 1991 - Special Report A Comparison of ADA 83 and C++

This report provides technical input to the SAF/AQK to assist that office in preparing a business case for using ADA or C++ to develop CIM systems.

March 1990 - User's Guide Hartstone Benchmark User's Guide, Version 1.0

This 1990 report describes the structure and behavior of an implementation in the Ada programming language of one category of Hartstone requirements, the Periodic Harmonic (PH) Test Series.

June 1989 - Technical Report Hartstone: Synthetic Benchmark Requirements for Hard Real-Time Applications

Topics: Performance and Dependability

This 1989 paper defines the operational concept for a series of benchmark requirements to be used to test the ability of a system to handle hard real-time applications.

March 1989 - Technical Report ADA Adoption Handbook: Compiler Evaluation and Selection Version 1.0

This report documents the options that are to users available when evaluating and selecting an ADA compilation system.

October 1988 - Technical Report System Specification Document: Shipboard Inertial Navigation System Simulator and External Computer

This document specifies high-level requirements for a shipboard inertial navigation system (INS) simulator and an external computer system that will interface with the inertial navigation system.

December 1987 - Technical Report ADA for Embedded Systems: Issues and Questions

Topics: Performance and Dependability

This 1987 report addresses issues and questions related to the use of ADA for embedded systems applications.

December 1987 - Technical Report Annual Technical Report for ADA Embedded Systems Testbed Project

Topics: Performance and Dependability

This technical report provides an overview of the results produced in the first year of the ADA Embedded Systems Testbed Project (through September 30, 1987).

November 1987 - Technical Report Criteria for Constructing and Using an ADA Embedded System Testbed

Topics: Performance and Dependability

This report lists criteria used in five aspects of the project: hardware configuration, software configuration, real-time application, ADA real-time experiments, and benchmarking and instrumentation techniques.

October 1987 - Technical Report Timing Variation in Dual Loop Benchmarks

This report disproves one of the major assumptions of dual loop benchmark testing by testing two bare computers with Ada test programs.

March 1987 - Technical Report Evaluation of ADA Environments, Executive Summary

This 1987 report provides a detailed description of the Ada Environments methodology and examples of its usage.