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David P. Wood
June 1993 - Technical Report AMORE: The Advanced Multimedia Organizer for Requirements Elicitation

This paper introduces the AMORE, a system that embodies a synthesis of technologies adapted specifically for application to requirements elicitation processes and models.

October 1992 - Technical Report A Classification and Bibliography of Software Prototyping

This report presents an overview of technology and literature relating to the creation and use of software system prototypes.

April 1991 - Technical Report Evaluation of Process Modeling Improvements

This 1991 report describes the results of the introduction of certain modifications to the process modeling techniques used at the SEI.

December 1989 - Technical Report Comparative Evaluations of Four Specification Methods for Real-Time Systems

Topics: Performance and Dependability

This report describes the evaluation of four methods for the specification of system and software requirements for time-critical systems.

August 1989 - Technical Report Classifying Software Design Methods

This 1989 paper describes the results of our research into establishing a basis for selecting methods and tools with respect to classifying design methods for Ada-based software.