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Steve Woods
October 1999 - Technical Report Architectural Evaluation of Collaborative Agent-Based Systems

Topics: Software Architecture

This report identifies features in agent-based systems that could be used to classify agent-system architectures and to guide the generation of scenarios applicable to these architectures.

September 1999 - Technical Note Options Analysis for Reengineering (OAR): Issues and Conceptual Approach

Topics: System of Systems

This 1999 report outlines the foundation of a structured and coherent method, based on the "horseshoe" model, that will help practitioners make appropriate reengineering choices.

April 1999 - Technical Report Why Reengineering Projects Fail

This 1999 report highlights some of the most important reasons for failures in reengineering efforts despite the best of intentions.

January 1999 - White Paper Software Architectural Transformation

Topics: Software Architecture

This paper presents a concrete example of an architecturally-motivated reengineering task.

January 1998 - White Paper Requirements for Integrating Software Architecture

Topics: Software Architecture

This paper discusses the requirements and a generic framework for the integration of architectural and code-based reengineering tools.