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J. Lehoczky
November 2016 - Presentation Deriving the Average-case Performance of Bandwidth-like Interfaces for Tasksets with Infinite Minimum Inter-Arrival Time, Equal Task Density, Uniformly Distributed Deadlines, and Infinite Number of Tasks

Topics: Process Improvement

This presentation was presented at the 9th International Workshop on Compositional Theory and Technology for Real-Time Embedded Systems (CRTS 2016).

September 2004 - Technical Report Performance Property Theories for Predictable Assembly from Certifiable Components (PACC)

This report develops a queueing-theoretic solution to predict, for a real-time system, the average-case latency of aperiodic tasks managed by a sporadic server.

April 1989 - Technical Report Scheduling Sporadic and Aperiodic Events in a Hard Real-Time System

Topics: Performance and Dependability

This 1989 report introduces a new algorithm, the Sporadic Server algorithm, which greatly improves response times for soft-deadline aperiodic tasks and can guarantee hard deadlines for both periodic and aperiodic tasks.

November 1988 - Technical Report Mode Change Protocols for Priority-Driven Preemptive Scheduling

Topics: Performance and Dependability

This 1988 report discusses a protocol for accomplishing mode change in the context of a priority-driven preemptive scheduling environment.