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Michael S. Bandor
November 2015 - Presentation Open Systems Architecture: Progress and Challenges

Panel members discussed OSA from several perspectives, including technical engineering, policy, contracting, and science and technology research.

November 2015 - Presentation Dashing All the Way: Defining the Best Dashboard for Your Program

This presentation shows a program dashboard representation used in some Air Force programs to aggregate the data being reported and includes methods that provide some insight into schedule risk.

October 2014 - Technical Note Agile Methods in Air Force Sustainment: Status and Outlook

Topics: Acquisition Support

This paper examines using Agile techniques in the software sustainment arena‚ÄĒspecifically Air Force programs. The intended audience is the staff of DoD programs and related personnel who intend to use Agile methods during software sustainment.

January 2014 - Technical Note Agile Methods and Request for Change (RFC): Observations from DoD Acquisition Programs

This technical note looks at the evaluation and negotiation of technical proposals that reflect iterative development approaches that in turn leverage Agile methods.

February 2013 - Podcast Technology Readiness Assessments

Topics: Acquisition Support

Michael Bandor discusses technology readiness assessments, which the DoD defines as a formal, systematic, metrics-based process and accompanying report that assess the maturity of critical hardware and software technologies to be used in systems.

April 2010 - Presentation Status of Ongoing Work in Software TRAs/TRLs

Topics: Acquisition Support

In this 2010 presentation, Michael Bandor and Suzanne Garcia-Miller focus on software issues and shortfalls observed during the DoD Technology Readiness Assessment (TRA) processes.

March 2007 - Presentation Process and Procedure Definition: A Primer

Topics: Acquisition Support

This presentation on process and procedure definition was delivered by Mike Bandor at the SEPG 2007, held from March 26-29, 2007.

September 2006 - Technical Note Quantitative Methods for Software Selection and Evaluation

Topics: Acquisition Support

This 2006 report describes methods for selecting candidate commercial off-the-shelf packages for further evaluation, possible methods for evaluation, and other factors besides requirements to be considered.