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Gene Kim (IP Services and ITPI)
July 2013 - Podcast DevOps - Transform Development and Operations for Fast, Secure Deployments

In this podcast, Gene Kim explains how the "release early, release often" approach significantly improves software performance, stability, and security.

July 2013 - White Paper Prioritizing IT Controls for Effective, Measurable Security

In this paper, the authors summarize results from the IT Controls Performance Study conducted by the IT Process Institute.

May 2008 - Podcast Connecting the Dots Between IT Operations and Security

In this podcast, Gene Kim describes how high performing organizations must integrate information security controls into their IT operational processes.

November 2006 - Podcast Change Management: The Security 'X' Factor

In this podcast, Gene Kim reports how a recent security survey found one factor that separated high performers from the rest of the pack: change management.

April 2004 - Presentation Building a Practical Framework for Enterprise-Wide Security Management

Topics: Cyber Risk and Resilience Management

In this presentation, the authors describe a practical framework for enterprise-wide security management as developed by the CERT Division.