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Gian Weymss
April 2012 - Presentation Data Management Maturity Model

Topics: CMMI

Authors: Gian Weymss

This presentation about the Data Management Maturity Model (DMM) was presented at the Software Engineering Process Group (SEPG) North America conference 2012, by Gian Wemyss, a senior member of the technical staff at the Software Engineering Institute.

January 2011 - Webinar What’s Happening at SEPG North America 2011: A Portland Preview

This webinar introduces participants to the keynote speakers, technical tracks, and technical track chairs that make up the SEPG North America 2011.

July 2008 - Webinar Workforce Issues of the 21st Century, The People CMM to the Rescue

Topics: CMMI, Process Improvement

In this 2008 presentation, Palma Buttles-Valdez discusses workforce issues that organizations are currently experiencing and how these issues can affect performance and retention.

March 2007 - Presentation People CMM and CMMI Synergy: Maintaining Long-Term CMMI-Based Improvement Through Enhanced Workforce Practices

Topics: CMMI

This presentation looks at synergies between CMMI and the People CMM.

January 2005 - Presentation Samsung SDS' Experience Performing SCAMPI Class A with the People CMM

Topics: Acquisition Support

This presentation on Samsung SDS's experience performing SCAMP Class A with the People CMM was delivered in January 2005.