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Judah Mogilensky
October 2007 - Technical Report SCAMPI Lead Appraiser Body of Knowledge (SLA BOK)

Topics: Process Improvement

The SLA BOK identifies the competencies needed to carry out the method requirements andguidelines detailed in the MDD (Method Definition Document).

March 2007 - Presentation A Modest Process Area Proposal: "Blame Allocation"

Topics: CMMI

Authors: Judah Mogilensky

Judah Mogilensky proposes a blame allocation, a process which ensures that, for every instance of things going seriously wrong, a culprit can be quickly idenitified and punished.

December 2004 - Special Report CMMI-Based Professional Certifications: The Competency Lifecycle Framework

Topics: Process Improvement, CMMI

This report describes how a competency life-cycle framework can be used as the basis for the CMMI-based professional certifications.