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Scott Reed
September 2010 - Technical Report Program Executive Officer Aviation, Major Milestone Reviews: Lessons Learned Report

Topics: Acquisition Support

This report documents ideas and recommendations for improving the overall acquisition process and presents the actions taken by project managers in several programs to develop, staff, and obtain approval for their systems.

December 2009 - Technical Note Generalized Criteria and Evaluation Method for Center of Excellence: A Preliminary Report

Topics: Acquisition Support

Criteria and standards to certify an organization as a COE are presented in this Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute preliminary report.

October 2006 - Presentation Model-Based Improvement

Topics: Acquisition Support

Authors: Scott Reed

Presented: September 2007

January 2004 - Presentation Comanche Process Improvement Vision and Initiatives

Topics: Acquisition Support

This presentation describes the Comanche Process Improvement (PI) vision, activities, and status. It provides an overview of the Comanche Program, discusses the approach that was taken for process improvement, and outlines the schedule of the program.