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Martin Sebor (Cisco)


Martin Sebor is a technical leader in the C and C++ compiler tool chain group in the Network Operating Systems Group at Cisco Systems, Inc., where he works on compilers and related development tools as well as the Cisco networking operating system IOS. Among Martin's responsibilities is leading the development and deployment of Cisco Secure Coding Standards. Martin's expertise includes the C and C++ languages and development tools, and the POSIX standard. Martin is Cisco's representative to the C and C international standards committees (PL22.11 and PL22.16 subgroups of the INCITS technical committee for Programming Languages, PL22). Prior to joining Cisco in 2009, Martin was Chief Architect at Rogue Wave Software where he was also the main implementer of the open source Apache C++ Standard Library. Martin has a MA in Computer Science from the City University of New York and a BA in Information Systems from the University of Agriculture in Prague.

Publications by Martin Sebor (Cisco)