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John Christiansen (Christiansen IT Law)

Christiansen IT Law

Christiansen, an attorney with deep experience in this field, founded Christiansen IT Law to help organizations recognize, understand and manage their IT risks, and minimize their IT-related exposures while maximizing the real benefits of using IT. John began practicing law in 1985 and began working on IT law issues in the early 1990s. John is a nationally recognized expert on legal issues related to IT management, privacy and security. He publishes and speaks frequently on IT issues, and is active in leadership roles in national and regional professional associations and industry groups. Christiansen IT Law is small, nimble and knowledgeable. Low overhead keeps costs manageable and predictable, and a flexible, personal approach ensures that services match real client needs. Generally, legal services which are available include but are not limited to: Regulatory compliance and risk management under HIPAA, Gramm-Leach- Bliley, and other federal and state laws. IT risk identification and management strategies and tactics, including working with technical consultants on risk assessments, support of risk mitigation projects, counsel on risk transfer and risk acceptance. * Data sharing and system networking using electronic medical and health records (“EMRs” and “EHRs”), regional health information organizations (“RHIOs”), and the national health information infrastructure (“NHII”) * IT-related dispute resolution services and support, including civil and criminal investigations and proceedings. * IT contracting services, including technology acquisition and strategic partnering due diligence, contract negotiation and preparation, and contract management.

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