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Philip J. Boxer
May 2009 - Presentation Limits to the Use of the Zachman Framework in Developing and Evolving Architectures for Complex Systems of Systems (SATURN 2009)

Presentation given at SATURN 2009, which took place in Pittsburgh, PA on May 4-7, 2009.

June 2008 - Technical Note SoS Navigator 2.0: A Context-Based Approach to System-of-Systems Challenges

Topics: System of Systems

This report introduces the fundamental concepts, processes, and techniques of the SoS Navigator approach. It also presents case studies that show the use of SoS Navigator in healthcare, military, and civilian government systems-of-systems contexts.

October 2006 - Special Report An Examination of a Structural Modeling Risk Probe Technique

Topics: Acquisition Support, System of Systems

This report examines a structural dynamic analysis modeling technique called Projective ANalysis (PAN) that was used on an interoperability technical probe of a NATO modernization program.