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Hillel Glazer - Entinex Inc.
October 2009 - Webinar Love and Marriage: Why CMMI and Agile Need Each Other

Topics: CMMI

In this 2009 webinar, Hillel Glazer discusses how Agile and CMMI complete each others' capabilities and can lead to fast, affordable, visible, and long-term benefits.

November 2008 - Technical Note CMMI or Agile: Why Not Embrace Both!

Topics: Process Improvement, CMMI

This report describes how CMMI and Agile methods can be used together successfully.

March 2008 - Presentation CMMI Crash Course: What the SEI Won't Teach You

Topics: CMMI

An engaging (and sometimes irreverent) view of CMMI, designed for brand-new CMMI users.

March 2007 - Presentation My Agile Life with CMMI

Topics: CMMI

This presentation by Hillel Glazer (Entinex Inc.) provides a somewhat irreverent look at Agile and CMMI and their interactions with one another (2007).