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Jeffrey Hansen
December 2016 - White Paper Cyber-Physical Systems

Topics: Cyber-Physical Systems

Authors: Björn Anderson, Sagar Chaki, Dionisio de Niz, Jeffrey Hansen, Scott Hissam, John J. Hudak, Mark H. Klein, David Kyle, Gabriel Moreno

Cyber-physical systems (CPS) integrate computational algorithms and physical components. SEI promotes efficient development of high-confidence, distributed CPS.

November 2016 - Presentation Statistical Model Checking for SWARMS

Authors: Jeffrey Hansen

Research that validates approach of applying adaptive sampling and input attribution toward model checkint and attribution of failure conditions

October 2016 - Poster Statistical Model Checking for Swarms

Authors: Jeffrey Hansen

Input Attribution

September 2016 - Conference Paper Input Attribution for Statistical Model Checking using Logistic Regression

Authors: Jeffrey Hansen, Sagar Chaki, Scott Hissam, James Edmondson, Gabriel Moreno, David Kyle

In this conference paper, the authors describe an approach to Statistical Model Checking (SMC). This paper is part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series.

October 2012 - Technical Report Resource Allocation in Dynamic Environments

Topics: Ultra-Large-Scale Systems

Authors: Jeffrey Hansen, Scott Hissam, B. Craig Meyers, Gabriel Moreno, Daniel Plakosh, Joe Seibel, Lutz Wrage

When warfighting missions are conducted in a dynamic environment, the allocation of resources needed for mission operation can change from moment to moment. This report addresses two challenges of resource allocation in dynamic environments: overstatement of resource needs and unpredictable network availability.

December 2010 - Technical Report Adaptive Flow Control for Enabling Quality of Service in Tactical Ad Hoc Wireless Networks

Topics: Software Architecture

Authors: Jeffrey Hansen, Scott Hissam, B. Craig Meyers, Edwin J. Morris, Daniel Plakosh, Soumya Simanta, Lutz Wrage

The network infrastructure for users such as emergency responders or warfighters is wireless, ad hoc, mobile, and lacking in sufficient bandwidth. This report documents the results from 18 experiments to investigate Adaptive Quality of Service, an approach to enable applications to fulfill their missions despite tactical network infrastructure limitations.

February 2009 - Technical Report Overview of the Lambda-* Performance Reasoning Frameworks

Authors: Gabriel Moreno, Jeffrey Hansen

This report provides an overview of the Lambda-* performance reasoning frameworks, their current capabilities, and ongoing research.