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Andres Diaz-Pace (UNICEN University)
May 2016 - Presentation Applying Architecture Techniques to Anchor System Evolution Roadmaps

Authors: Alejandro Bianchi (Liveware IS S.A.), Andres Diaz-Pace (UNICEN University)

This presentation describes experiences applying a set of architectural techniques—utility trees, scenarios, and architectural views—to generate an evolution roadmap.

May 2016 - Presentation Chasing Critical Code Anomalies with JSpIRIT

Authors: J. Andres Diaz-Pace (ISISTAN Research Institute), Santiago Vidal (UNICEN and CONICET-Argentina), Claudia Marcos (Universidad Nacional del Centro de la Provincia de Buenos Aires)

JSpIRIT (Java Smart Identification of Refactoring opportunITies) is a recommender system for ranking code smells according to multiple criteria.

May 2014 - Presentation Combining Architectural Methods to Build a Reference Architecture for Ground Radar Monitoring Systems

Authors: Alejandro Bianchi (Liveware IS S.A.), Andres Diaz-Pace (UNICEN University), Leonardo Seminara (Liveware IS S.A.), Gustavo De Souza (INVAP S.E.)

Presentation at SATURN 2014. The experiences of creating a Reference Software Architecture (RSA) for an Argentine R&D company in the domain of ground radar monitoring (GRM) systems.

March 2010 - Presentation Overview of Distributed Constraint Satisfaction and Optimization

Topics: Ultra-Large-Scale Systems

Authors: Andres Diaz-Pace, Joseph Giampapa, John B. Goodenough, Mark H. Klein

This presentation describes problem-solving algorithms and presents Distributed Constraint Optimization Problems (D-COP) algorithms as a "toolbox" for agent-based modeling.

May 2009 - White Paper Integrating Quality-attribute Reasoning Frameworks in the ArchE Design Assistant

Topics: Software Architecture

Authors: Andres Diaz-Pace, Hyunwoo Kim, Len Bass, Philip Bianco, Felix Bachmann

Bachmann et al present their work on a design assistant called ArchE that provides third-party researchers with an infrastructure to integrate their own quality-attribute models.

May 2008 - Presentation Current SEI SAT Initiative Technology Investigations

Authors: Philip Bianco, Andres Diaz-Pace

Presentation given at SATURN 2008, which took place in Pittsburgh, PA on April 28-May 1, 2008.