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Christian Berger (University of Gothenburg)
May 2015 - Presentation Comparing the Applicability of Complexity Measurements for Simulink Models During Integration

Authors: Jan Schröder (University of Gothenburg), Christian Berger (University of Gothenburg), Thomas Herpel (Automotive Safety Technologies GmbH), Miroslaw Staron (University of Gothenburg)

This presentation was part of the Second International Workshop on Software Architecture Metrics, held at the 37th International Conference on Software Engineering.

September 2014 - Presentation Explicating, Understanding, and Managing Technical Debt from Self-Driving Miniature Car Projects

Authors: Md. Abdullah Al Mamun (Chalmers University of Technology), Christian Berger (University of Gothenburg), Jörgen Hansson (University of Skovde)

This presentation describes the evolution of technical debt in developing self-driving miniature cars to reduce debt and have more reusable, maintainable software.