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Rick Hefner (Northrop Grumman Information Technology)
March 2008 - Presentation Choosing How to Implement CMMI

Topics: CMMI

This presentation outlines the decisions to be made, and the options available, in planning a CMMI-compliant project.

March 2006 - Presentation Six Sigma Tools for Early Adopters

Topics: CMMI, Measurement and Analysis, Process Improvement

This presentation introduced Six Sigma Tools that could be used by Early Adopters. It was delivered by Rick Hefner of Northrop Grumman and Jeannine Siviy of the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) at SEPG 2006 on March 6, 2006.

April 2005 - Presentation How Does High Maturity Benefit The Customer?

Topics: CMMI

This presentation discusses the advantages of a high maturity organization, the difference between Level 3 and Level CMMI, and how high maturity benefits the customer (2005).

March 2005 - Presentation Debating the Tough Change Requests: Appraisal Perspectives

Topics: CMMI

This presentation provides advice on change requests that are submitted against the existing CMMI appraisal process.

November 2004 - Presentation Accelerating CMMI Adoption Using Six Sigma: Northrop Grumman Case Study

Topics: CMMI

This presentation provides a case study of a CMMI and Six Sigma implementation at Northrop Grumman in 2004.

March 2004 - Presentation Strategies for Transitioning from SW-CMM to CMMI

Topics: CMMI

This presentation provides a tutorial for how to transition from the Software CMM to CMMI.

March 2004 - Presentation Applying CMMI Generic Practices with Good Judgment

Topics: CMMI

This tutorial provides an understanding of which CMMI model components contribute to institutionalization, as well as guidance for the effective implementation and appraisal of CMMI generic practices.

February 2003 - Presentation CMM/CMMI Level 4: Quantitative Measurement Versus Qualitative Management

Topics: CMMI

This presentation examines the difference between quantitative and qualitative management at maturitylevel 4.