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João Pascoal Faria (University of Porto)
January 2014 - Special Report TSP Symposium 2013 Proceedings

Authors: Sergio Cardona (Universidad del Quindío), Silvana Moreno (Universidad de la República), William Nichols, Leticia Pérez (Universidad de la República), Mushtaq Raza (University of Porto), João Pascoal Faria (University of Porto), Diego Vallespir (Universidad de la República), Rafael Rincón (Universidad EAFIT), Fernanda Grazioli (Universidad de la República), Pedro C. Henriques (Strongstep – Innovation in Software Quality), Jim McHale

This special report contains proceedings of the 2013 TSP Symposium. The conference theme was “When Software Really Matters,” which explored the idea that when product quality is critical, high-quality practices are the best way to achieve it.

September 2012 - Presentation Integrating Model-Driven Engineering Techniques in the Personal Software Process

Topics: TSP

Authors: João Pascoal Faria (University of Porto)

Presentation given at TSP Symposium on September 18-20, 2012