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Silvana Moreno (Universidad de la República)
November 2014 - Presentation The Impact of the PSP on Software Quality: Eliminating the Learning Effect Threat Through a Controlled Experiment

This TSP Symposium 2014 presentation provides results indicating that the Personal Software Process is the most plausible cause of software quality improvements.

January 2014 - Special Report TSP Symposium 2013 Proceedings

This special report contains proceedings of the 2013 TSP Symposium. The conference theme was “When Software Really Matters,” which explored the idea that when product quality is critical, high-quality practices are the best way to achieve it.

May 2013 - Technical Report PSP-VDC: An Adaptation of the PSP that Incorporates Verified Design by Contract

Topics: Measurement and Analysis, Process Improvement

This paper describes a proposal for integrating Verified Design by Contract into PSP in order to reduce the amount of defects present at the Unit Testing phase, while preserving or improving productivity.