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Aldo Dagnino (ABB Corporate Research)
April 2014 - Presentation Metrics for Sustainable Software Architectures: An Industry Perspective

This presentation was part of the First International Workshop on Software Architecture Metrics, held at the 11th Working IEEE/IFIP Conference on Software Architecture.

April 2010 - Presentation Using the Attribute-Driven Design for Automated Predictive Maintenance and Diagnostics of Complex Software Systems

Aldo Dagnino discusses how analyzing trends in changes of key performance indicators (KPIs) can help in the architectural configuration of a large-scale system.

April 2009 - Presentation Improving the Definition of Quality Attribute Scenarios by Using Requirements Patterns (SATURN 2009)

Presentation given at SATURN 2009, which was held in Pittsburgh, PA in May 2009.

May 2008 - Presentation Defining Composite Critical Scenarios for the Development of Large-Scale System Architecture Using an SEI ADD-Based Framework

This presentation discusses how SEI Attribute-Driven Design (ADD) was used as a framework to help develop the software architecture of a large-scale control system in a multinational organization.

December 2004 - Presentation Coordinating Process Improvement in Multiple Geographically Dispersed Development Organizations Using CMMI

Topics: CMMI

This presentation provides a case study on a CMMI implementation in an organization with multiple geographic locations.

January 2003 - Presentation NAVAIR/SEI/MITRE Strategic Collaboration

Topics: Acquisition Support

presentation from the Acquisition of Software-Intensive Systems Conference, January 28-30, 2003