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Humberto Cervantes (Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana–Iztapalapa)
May 2016 - Book Designing Software Architectures: A Practical Approach

Topics: Software Architecture

Designing Software Architectures will teach you how to design any software architecture in a systematic, predictable, repeatable, and cost-effective way.

April 2015 - Presentation Smart Decisions: An Architecture Design Game

This presentation teaches the challenging process of designing an architecture for a Big Data Analytics System using a game called Smart Decisions.

April 2015 - Presentation ADD 3.0: Rethinking Drivers and Decisions in the Design Process

This tutorial introduces ADD 3.0, explains the key changes that made to its previous version, and illustrates the design method with a detailed case study.

May 2014 - Presentation Software Architecture in the Presales Process

Presentation at SATURN 2014. Architecture practices provide great value in the presales process.

May 2014 - Presentation Approaching Security from an "Architecture First" Perspective

Presentation at SATURN 2014. The results of our case studies indicate that a strategic, system-wide, architectural approach to security, implemented through the partial or full adoption of security frameworks, results in the best outcome.

November 2012 - Article A Principled Way to Use Frameworks in Architecture Design

Topics: Software Architecture

In the past decade, researchers have devised many methods to support and codify architecture design.

June 2010 - Presentation Introducing Software Architecture Development Methods into a TSP-Based Development Company

This presentation describes an ongoing project whose aim is to introduce software architecture development methods inside Quarksoft, a leading Mexican software development company certified at CMMI level 3 (2010).