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Amine Chigani
May 2017 - Presentation Story of an Architect Growing up in Mr. Agile's Neighborhood

If the Agile Manifesto were a boy, he'd be a high school junior today. This talk presents some stories about growing up in this kid's neighborhood.

May 2016 - Presentation Draw It Out: The Power of Visual Communication

Presenters package their experiences in UX design and architecture to coach participants through exercises for effective visualization techniques applicable to architects.

April 2015 - Presentation Maturing Agile Teams and Driving Quality Through Architecture Principles

This experience report shares insights from an effort to standardize on QA practices and tools with development teams and a customer who were new to agile development.

April 2013 - Presentation Architecting Cyber-Physical Systems in the Age of the Industrial Internet

A presentation from the ninth annual SATURN conference, held in Minneapolis, MN, April 29 - May 3, 2013.

June 2010 - Presentation Agile Architecting: Using Agile Principles to Agilitize the Architecting Process

Authors: Amine Chigani

Amine Chigani of Virginia Tech discusses using Agile in the context of software architecture and the rationale that guided them to follow an Agile approach to architecting.