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Heiko Koziolek (ABB Corporate Research)
April 2014 - Presentation Welcome to SAM 2014

Topics: Software Architecture

This presentation was part of the First International Workshop on Software Architecture Metrics, held at the 11th Working IEEE/IFIP Conference on Software Architecture.

June 2010 - Presentation Architecture Model Reconstruction Towards Change Scenario Evaluation

Jens Doppelhamer discusses the novel architecture reconstruction method and tools of the EU-project Q-ImPrESS and how he has applied it on a large-scale ABB software system from the process automation domain.

April 2009 - Presentation Bottom-Up Software Product Line Design A Case Study Emphasizing the Need for Stakeholder Commitment (SATURN 2009)

This 2009 presentation describes a software product line architecture (PLA) intended to increase reuse while ensuring faster time to market for new applications within the robotics domain.