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Joe Seibel
October 2016 - Conference Paper Modeling, Verifying, and Generating Software for Distributed Cyber-Physical Systems using DMPL and AADL.

Topics: Cyber-Physical Systems

This paper provides an end-to-end framework where DART systems can be designed, analyzed, and implemented within the same toolchain. In this talk, the authors present this toolchain and demonstrate it on a few representative examples.

October 2012 - Technical Report Resource Allocation in Dynamic Environments

Topics: Ultra-Large-Scale Systems

When warfighting missions are conducted in a dynamic environment, the allocation of resources needed for mission operation can change from moment to moment. This report addresses two challenges of resource allocation in dynamic environments: overstatement of resource needs and unpredictable network availability.

March 2012 - Special Report What’s New in V2 of the Architecture Analysis & Design Language Standard?

Topics: Software Architecture

This report provides an overview of changes and improvements to the Architecture Analysis & Design Language (AADL) standard for describing both the software architecture and the execution platform architectures of performance-critical, embedded, real-time systems.

May 2011 - Presentation Experimentation in the Use of Service Orientation in Resource-Constrained Environments

This presentation from SATURN 2011 discusses work done in off-the-shelf SOA technologies in military environments.