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William Casey
April 2016 - Article Compliance Signaling Games: Toward Modeling the Deterrence of Insider Threats

Topics: Insider Threat

In this paper, the authors analyze how the dynamics of compliance games illuminate the effectiveness or risks of an organizational policy.

October 2015 - Poster Cyber Security via Signaling Games Poster (SEI 2015 Research Review)

Authors: William Casey

Looks at how we can establish trust, manage risk, and mitigate deceptive cyber-attacks when decision-making is constrained

October 2015 - Presentation Cybersecurity via Signaling Games

Authors: William Casey

A Research Review 2015 presentation on using signaling games in cybersecurity

August 2012 - Technical Report Results of SEI Line-Funded Exploratory New Starts Projects

This report describes the line-funded exploratory new starts (LENS) projects that were undertaken during fiscal year 2011. For each project, the report presents a brief description and a recounting of the research that was done, as well as a synopsis of the results of the project.