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Rebecca Wirfs-Brock
April 2015 - Presentation Exploiting Fast and Slow Thinking

In this session, Rebecca Wirf discusses how fast and slow thinking affects your decision making.

April 2015 - Presentation QA to AQ: Shifting from Quality Assurance to Agile Quality

This presentation shows how to interject quality specification, design, and testing efforts into a software architecture project and be more agile about it.

April 2015 - Presentation Sustainably Supporting Data Variability

A challenge in building complex, data-intensive systems is how to sustainably support data variation, schema, and feature evolution. Three speakers share experiences.

May 2011 - Presentation Agile Adoption: Does It Have to Be All In or Fold?

Rebecca Wirfs-Brock's presentation from SATURN 2011 discusses the challenges of Agile adoption in organizations.