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Yuanfang Cai (Drexel University)
April 2015 - Presentation Locating the Architectural Roots of Technical Debt

Authors: Rick Kazman (University of Hawaii), Yuanfang Cai (Drexel University), Serhiy Haziyev (SoftServe, Inc.), Volodymyr Fedak (Softserve, Inc.)

This talk presents a case study of identifying architecture debts in a large-scale industrial software project by modeling software architecture as design rule spaces.

May 2013 - Presentation Mapping Architectural Decay Instances to Dependency Models

Authors: Yuanfang Cai (Drexel University), Joshua Garcia (University of Southern California), Nenad Medvidovic (University of Southern California), Ran Mo (Drexel University)

A presentation from the Managing Technical Debt Workshop, held in May 2013 in conjunction with ICSE 2013.

June 2012 - Presentation Organizing the Technical Debt Landscape

Topics: Software Architecture

Authors: Yuanfang Cai (Drexel University), Clemente Izurieta (Montana State University), Carolyn Seaman (University of Maryland Baltimore County), Forrest Shull (Fraunhofer), Nico Zazworka (Fraunhofer)

This 2012 presentation discussed how manage technical debt as part of the research agenda for the software engineering field. It was part of the Third Workshop on Managing Technical Debt, held at ICSE 2012.