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Forrest Shull
March 2018 - Technical Note A Hybrid Threat Modeling Method

Topics: Cybersecurity Engineering, Software Assurance

Presents a hybrid method of threat modeling that attempts to meld the desirable features of three methods: Security Cards, Persona non Grata, and STRIDE.

March 2017 - Presentation Panel: Software Sustainment - Continuous Engineering to Deliver Warfighter Capability

Topics: Measurement and Analysis, Acquisition Support

This technical panel focused on the DoD's software sustainment challenges and highlighted the key findings of the SEI's study of DoD software sustainment infrastructure.

November 2016 - Presentation Evaluation of Threat Modeling Methodologies

Authors: Forrest Shull

The result of this work is a set of test principles that can help Programs select the most appropriate threat modeling methodologies.

October 2016 - Poster Evaluation of Threat Modeling Methodologies

Authors: Forrest Shull

Evaluation of Threat Modeling Methodologies

November 2015 - Presentation Open Systems Architecture: Progress and Challenges

Panel members discussed OSA from several perspectives, including technical engineering, policy, contracting, and science and technology research.

November 2015 - Presentation What Happens and How: Analyzing the Results of 13 Acquisition Program Assessments

This presentation explains a set of recurring dynamics that drive the key high-level findings of independent technical assessments and provides qualitative models of each adverse behavior.

June 2012 - Presentation Organizing the Technical Debt Landscape

Topics: Software Architecture

This 2012 presentation discussed how manage technical debt as part of the research agenda for the software engineering field. It was part of the Third Workshop on Managing Technical Debt, held at ICSE 2012.