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Jonathan M. Foote
August 2014 - Conference Paper Optimizing Seed Selection for Fuzzing

Authors: Alexandre Rebert (Carnegie Mellon University and ForAllSecure, Inc.), Sang Kil Cha (Carnegie Mellon University), Thanassis Avgerinos (Carnegie Mellon University), Jonathan M. Foote, David Warren, Gustavo Grieco (CIFASIS-CONICET), David Brumley (Carnegie Mellon University)

In this paper, we focus on how to mathematically formulate and reason about one critical aspect in fuzzing: how best to pick seed files to maximize the total number of bugs found during a fuzz campaign.

August 2012 - Technical Note Probability-Based Parameter Selection for Black-Box Fuzz Testing

Topics: Vulnerability Analysis

Authors: Allen D. Householder, Jonathan M. Foote

In this report, the authors describe an algorithm for automating the selection of seed files and other parameters used in black-box fuzz testing.