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The New Era of Integrated Software Delivery with DevOps

May 2014 Presentation
Sujatha Perepa (IBM)

Presentation at SATURN 2014. In the era of Big Data, cloud computing, and mobile technologies, we must embrace innovative methods of software delivery, such as DevOps.


Software Engineering Institute



To succeed in the technology trinity of the new era—Big Data, cloud computing, and mobile technologies—we must embrace new and innovative methods of software delivery. Traditional development and deployment methods are too slow to cater to current fast-paced market trends and too expensive and manual for the present economic context. It is time to bring innovation to the forefront again and change the approach and pace of software delivery through development and operations integration, an incremental approach to delivery, automation throughout the delivery life cycle, and continuous delivery and monitoring of systems. These approaches require leveraging a company's existing investments while introducing new ones to their IT infrastructure. The presenter will discuss the approaches now available to software-delivery teams and explain IBM's approaches and solutions. Additionally, she will discuss the need for seamless synchronization of business and IT strategies and goals. The presenter will also cover how software delivery can enable the development and maintenance of multiplatform applications for cloud and mobile technologies. Finally, she will describe how the DevOps approach provides cost efficiencies while allowing software-delivery teams to maintain control of the quality and efficiency of the delivery.