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Past, Present, and Future of APIs for Mobile and Web Apps

May 2014 Presentation
Ole Lensmar (SmartBear Software)

Presentation at SATURN 2014. The presenter describes technology trends in APIs and advises on technology and implementation choices for providers and consumers.


Software Engineering Institute


Many companies today are moving Web application programming interfaces (APIs) to the core of their technology and business strategies, requiring them to build APIs that are both highly competitive and appealing to consumers. Given the rapid evolution of API technologies and consumer expectations, making the right choices when building and consuming these APIs is no easy task. Chief Architect Ole Lensmar digs into the diverse mix of historic, current, and upcoming technology trends in APIs for Web and mobile apps—including CORBA, Thrift, XML-RPC, and WebSockets—and gives hands-on advice about making the right technology and implementation choices for both API providers and consumers.