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Chaos Security Engineering: Integrating Security through Chaos

April 2022 Presentation
Nikki Robinson (IBM)

This session was presented by Nikki Robinson of IBM at DevSecOps Days Pittsburgh, held virtually April 27, 2022.


Software Engineering Institute



Building DevSecOps programs can be boosted and matured through using Chaos Engineering practices, but within a security context. This talk will introduce the concept of Chaos Security Engineering, why it will be useful in maturing DevSecOps program, and helpful resources and tools for starting your own program. This talk will also highlight the importance of the hypothesis mode of testing, which can also be seen in ethical hacking practices. The idea is to combine two separate ideas which have similar methodologies, to help integrate ongoing security testing throughout development cycles.

Nikki Robinson is a Security Architect with IBM by day, and an Adjunct Professor at Capitol Technology University. She is also an ICIT Fellow and President of the Infragard Maryland Chapter. She holds a Doctorate of Science in CyberSecurity, a PhD in Human factors, and industry certifications (CISSP, CEH, MCITP, etc). She comes from an IT / Sys Admin background, became really interested in digital forensics/IR - and made her way into Security Engineering. She likes to blend highly technical security concepts, academic research, and private sector knowledge to create comprehensive presentations.

Download the graphic recording.