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Acquisition Disasters? Ideas For Reducing Acquisition Risk

March 2022 Webinar
Alfred Schenker, Linda Parker Gates

In this webcast, Fred Schenker and Linda Parker Gates discuss the status quo, alternative approaches, and how the community of Cyber Physical System acquirers and suppliers can improve.


Software Engineering Institute



The status quo for how we acquire cyber-physical weapon systems (CPS) needs to be changed. It is almost certain (for any acquisition of a CPS) that there will be cost overruns, schedule delays, and/or the loss of promised warfighter capability. Improved product development technologies could be applied, but they have not been adopted widely. We will discuss the status quo, alternative approaches, and how to motivate the community of CPS acquirers and suppliers to improve.
What attendees will learn:

  • Characteristics of the current status quo how CPS systems are acquired and developed.
  • Principles of Value Engineering and how they can be applied to the acquisition and development of CPS.
  • Approaches that acquirers and suppliers can take to improve the status quo.