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Preview of the Mission Assurance Analysis Protocol (MAAP): Assessing Risk and Opportunity in Complex Environments

July 2008 Technical Note
Christopher J. Alberts, Audrey J. Dorofee, Lisa Marino

In this 2008 document, the authors preview a core set of activities and outputs that define a MAAP assessment.


Software Engineering Institute

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The SEI Mission-Oriented Success Analysis and Improvement Criteria (MOSAIC) is a management approach for establishing and maintaining confidence that key objectives will be achieved successfully. The Mission Assurance Analysis Protocol (MAAP) is one of the assessments included in MOSAIC. A MAAP assessment provides a systematic, in-depth analysis of the potential for success in distributed, complex, and uncertain environments and can be applied across the life cycle and throughout the supply chain. It produces a broad, yet detailed, view of a distributed project or process and provides a foundation for collaboratively managing the success potential of a project or process over time. With MAAP, an operational model reflecting the current state is first developed. The model is then analyzed to establish the probability of achieving key objectives as well as to identify any relevant risks and opportunities that can have an impact on the ability to achieve key objectives. The purpose of this document is to preview the framework, or core set of activities and outputs, that defines a MAAP assessment. Because MAAP is a work in progress, future documents will reflect, as appropriate, any changes in the protocol or its underlying concepts.