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CMU SEI Research Review 2021 Day 3 Video

November 2021 Video

Day 3 of the 2021 SEI Research Review event


Software Engineering Institute



Watch Day 3 of the 2021 SEI Research Review event. The CMU SEI Research Review 2021 virtual event spotlights recent, innovative research projects through a mix of technical presentations and conversations among CMU SEI subject matter experts and their collaborators working in sponsor, customer, and academic organizations.

Day 3 sessions include Collaboration Conversation on Human-Centered AI, Train but Verify: Towards Practical AI Robustness, Knowing When You Don't Know: AI Engineering in an Uncertain World, Predicting Inference Degradation in Production ML Systems, Collaboration Conversation on AI Fusion and AI Engineering: Enabling AI in Complex Environments, and Collaboration Conversation on the Implementation of the National Agenda for Software.