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Government DevOps: Is It Really Different?

June 2021 Presentation

This talk by Tracey Bannon, Senior Principal - Software Architect & DevOps Advisor at MITRE Corporation, was presented at DevSecOps Days Pittsburgh 2021.


Software Engineering Institute



Attendees will walk away understanding the differences, unique challenges, and context of public/defense sector Dev*Ops and how these factors will drive tailoring and problem solving needed to serve governments. Using the phrase "snowflake or sameness," I cover a series of topics highlighting parallels and where there is a clear divergence between government and commercial/industry. The intent is to help government and industry to work together. Topics include thirst for innovation, problem space (greenfield/brownfield), government's traditional role as oversight only, workforce nuances, and Conway's law is everywhere, etc.

Tracy Bannon is a passionate architect! She's been doing this for a long time and spends her time solving the biggest and strategic challenges facing her sponsors. Tracy is a Senior Principal with MITRE Corporation';s Software Engineering Division and has worked across commercial as well as government clients at the state and federal level. Her specialty is solution and application architecture emphasizing cloud-native/for-cloud refactoring, DataOps, and DevSecOps. She enjoys working with cloud computing at the edge using appliances too. Tracy is just as passionate about mentoring and training as she is about architecting sustainable solution ecosystems; She enjoys community and knowledge building with her teams, her clients, and the next generation of technologists. The ability to communicate advanced technical topics to both stakeholders and technicians has made her a sought-after technical leader. If you're wondering about whether or not she can present… she has been a featured speaker and panel moderator at industry events including ATARC Federal DevSecOps Summits, National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA), NATO Industry Forum, Software Engineering Institute (SEI) SATURN, CloudExpo, CA World, CA Gov Summit, DevOps Institute Global Skill-up Days, and PMI Global Congress. She also jumps into lead industry working groups.

Tracy doesn't just talk the talk… she walks the walk. Her experience crosses multiple technologies and platforms with a have a proven ability to lead technical teams and deliver solutions on time and within budget. With over 15 years of experience with geographically dispersed teams and offshore delivery models, Tracy brings a unique pragmatic perspective. It never hurts to mention that she holds several certifications from AWS, Microsoft, PMI, CSM, and TOGAF, as well as the SEI's Software Architecture Professional Certificate.

Download a graphic recording or watch the video on YouTube