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Report on Annual Regional Information Assurance Symposia

June 2005 Special Report
Carol A. Sledge

In this report, Carol Sledge explains why the annual Regional Information Assurance Symposia is a key transition component of Regional Collaborative Clusters.


Software Engineering Institute

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The Networked Systems Survivability Program at the Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute (SEI) seeks to transition information assurance and information security courseware to institutions of higher education within the United States, with a particular focus on minority-serving institutions. Rather than build an infrastructure to accomplish this, the SEI utilizes partnerships, through Regional Collaborative Clusters, that leverage the strengths of the SEI and the strengths of the partner educational institutions. The SEI builds upon the partner's existing trusted relationships and infrastructure, creating an environment that sustains the incorporation of new and evolving materials, and is more cost-effective for all parties. The annual Regional Information Assurance Symposia are a key transition component of the Regional Collaborative Clusters.