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Documenting Component and Connector Views with UML 2.0

April 2004 Technical Report
James Ivers, Paul C. Clements, David Garlan, Robert Nord, Bradley Schmerl, Oviedo Silva (Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science)

This 2004 report explores how changes in UML 2.0 affect UML's suitability for documenting component and connector views.


Software Engineering Institute

CMU/SEI Report Number



The widespread presence of the Unified Modeling Language (UML) has led practitioners to try to apply it when documenting software architectures. While early versions of UML have been adequate for documenting many kinds of architectural views, they have fallen somewhat short, particularly for documenting component and connector views. UML 2.0 has added a number of new constructs and modified some existing ones to address these problems. In this report, we explore how changes in this version affect UML's suitability as a notation for documenting component and connector views.