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Study of Integration Strategy Considerations for Wireless Emergency Alerts

  • Abstract

    This material is based on work funded and supported by Department of Homeland Security and is also available at in the Technology Documents Library.

    This report supports the Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) program,
    formerly known as the Commercial Mobile Alert Service Research, Development,
    Testing, and Evaluation program, by identifying and analyzing key WEA adoption
    issues. The study captures key challenges for WEA message originators and offers
    recommendations to help the community avoid common pitfalls as it plans and
    implements the WEA service. The report summarizes the current strengths and
    challenges of WEA, how WEA fits into the alert originator's toolbox, and
    overall considerations for integrating a new WEA tool or service into an
    emergency management system as that system becomes ever more complex. The
    report also covers key topics for adopting a WEA tool or service, including
    requirements specification, cloud trends, cybersecurity, product selection,
    testing, coordinating among tools and alerting organizations, operational
    considerations, and alternatives to buying a WEA solution. For each of these
    topics, recommendations offer guidance that emergency management agencies can
    use to navigate the process of adopting and integrating WEA into their alerting

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