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Components and Considerations in Building an Insider Threat Program

November 2013 Webinar
Carly L. Huth, Robin Ruefle

In this November 2013 webinar, Carly Huth and Robin Ruefle discuss the key components you should consider when you're developing new insider threat programs.


Software Engineering Institute



Watch Carly Huth and Robin Ruefle discuss components and considerations in building an insider threat program from the virtual event Managing the Insider Threat: What Every Organization Should Know.

About the Speakers

Carly L. Huth is an insider threat researcher in the Cyber Enterprise and Workforce Management Directorate in the CERT Program at the Software Engineering Institute (SEI). Huth's current areas of research include the intersections of privacy and technology, as well as the effects of the current regulatory environment on insider threat prevention practices.

Robin Ruefle is a member of the technical staff of the CERT Program at the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) at Carnegie Mellon University. Ruefle has co-authored: Handbook for CSIRTs 2nd Edition, Organizational Models for CSIRTs Handbook, CSIRT Services List, State of the Practice of CSIRTs, Defining Incident Management Processes for CSIRTs: A Work in Progress, and numerous other articles and guides.