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Systems Quality Requirements Engineering (SQUARE) Methodology: Case Study on Asset Management System

December 2004 Special Report
Peter Chen, Marjon Dean, Don Ojoko-Adams, Hassan Osman, Lilian Lopez, Nick Xie Contributor Nancy R. Mead

In this 2004 report, the authors describe the first case study that applied the SQUARE methodology to an organization.


Software Engineering Institute

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This report exemplifies the application of the Systems Quality Requirements Engineering (SQUARE) methodology developed by the Software Engineering Institute's Networked Systems Survivability Program on an asset management application. An overview of the SQUARE process and the vendor is presented, followed by a description of the application under study. The nine-step process of requirements engineering is then explained, and feedback on its implementation is provided. The report concludes with a synopsis of the findings and recommendations for future work. 

This report is one of a series of reports resulting from research conducted by the SQUARE Team as part of an independent research and development project of the Software Engineering Institute.