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A Model Problem Approach to Measurement-to-Track Association

September 2003 Technical Report
Grace Lewis, B. Craig Meyers

This report illustrates the use of model problems in the design of a system.


Software Engineering Institute

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This is the first in a series of reports that illustrate the use of model problems in the design of a system. The problem considered is measurement-to-track association. A "track" represents the state data about an object in the environment, and has a set of associated attributes. "Measurement-to-track association" is the process of determining the relation between a measurement and an existing track. In this process, tracks that meet particular attribute criteria can be selected via filters. This report examines the development and application of filters that can be used as selector mechanisms. The report also presents an initial design of the model problem, by using concepts and constructs from Unified Modeling Language (UML), Executable UML (xUML), and Object-Oriented Analysis (OOA). Also covered are possible extensions to this work related to performance considerations, additional filter types, and the distribution of filter information.