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A Process for COTS Software Product Evaluation

July 2004 Technical Report
Santiago Comella-Dorda, John Dean, Grace Lewis, Edwin J. Morris, Tricia Oberndorf, Erin Harper

This 2004 report focuses on COTS product evaluations conducted for the purpose of selecting products to meet a known need in a system.


Software Engineering Institute

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The growing use of commercial software products in large systems makes evaluation and selection of appropriate products an increasingly essential activity. However, many organizations struggle in their attempts to select appropriate software products for use in systems. As part of a cooperative effort, the Software Engineering Institute and National Research Council Canada have defined a tailorable commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software product evaluation process that can support organizations in making carefully reasoned and sound product decisions. The background fundamentals for that evaluation process, as well as steps and techniques to follow, are described in this report.