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Introduction to the Architecture Centric Virtual Integration Process (ACVIP)

February 2021 Presentation

This presentation by Rand Whillock was given virtually at AADL/ACVIP User Days 2021.


Software Engineering Institute


AADL/ACVIP User Days 2021 was hosted by the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) and held virtually on February 3-4, 2021. AADL/ACVIP User Days is a free two-day virtual forum to present the latest on the Architecture Analysis and Design Language (AADL), the Architecture-Centric Virtual Integration Process (ACVIP), and associated tools. This presentation by Rand Whillock was given virtually at AADL/ACVIP User Days 2021.

Architecture Centric Virtual Integration Process (ACVIP) is an important advance enabling model-based architecture virtual integration of cyber physical systems to allow early discovery of integration issues often not discovered until we physically integrate the hardware and software. When utilized with embedded computing system design projects, ACVIP aims to reduce program risk and improve system capability. This talk will provide an interactive introduction to ACVIP and provide participants with an understanding of this powerful architecture modeling and analysis methodology. The presentation is adapted from the first module of an 8 module hands on ACVIP training course.

Rand Whillock is a Senior Principal Research Scientist at Adventium Labs with experience in program management, system engineering and software development, including diverse technical expertise with fault management, error analysis, cyber security, sensor processing, biometrics, human interfaces, and robotics.  Mr. Whillock has extensive experience in systems engineering for complex systems, including the use of the AADL modeling language and error analysis tools. In addition to teaching Adventium’s ACVIP Introduction Class, Mr. Whillock also teaches an Automation and Robotics class at a local college.