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Snapshot of CCL: A Language for Predictable Assembly

June 2003 Technical Note
Kurt C. Wallnau, James Ivers

This 2003 report presents a snapshot of the construction and composition language (CCL) by examining a small example CCL specification.


Software Engineering Institute

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Construction and composition language (CCL) plays several roles in our approach to achieving automated predictable assembly. CCL is used to produce specifications that contain structural, behavioral, and analysis-specific information about component technologies, as well as components and assemblies in such technologies. These specifications are translated to one or more reasoning frameworks that analyze and predict the runtime properties of assemblies. CCL processors can also be used to automate many of the constructive activities of component-based development through various forms of program generation. Using a common specification for prediction and construction improves confidence that analysis models match implementations. This report presents a snapshot of CCL by examining a small example CCL specification.