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Designing Products and Processes Using Six Sigma (DPPSS) SEMA Course

August 2020 Educational Material

These files contain teaching materials for Designing Products and Processes Using Six Sigma (DPPSS).


This course takes a hands-on, problem-solving approach to data analysis, providing participants with a toolkit of analysis methods and leveraging industry best practices such as Six Sigma and Goal-Driven Software Measurement. Key concepts in data analysis - including statistical thinking, the 7 Basic Tools, and root cause analysis, are introduced through lectures and extensive practice sessions using real-life case studies and project data. Participants learn a framework in the form of tools, methods, and practices for analyzing data to make more informed business decisions about project and process performance, quality, schedule, and cost. The ways in which these quality measurement practices relate to improvement models such as Capability Maturity Model® Integration (CMMI®) are also discussed.

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