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Goal-Driven Measurement (IGDM) SEMA Course

June 2016 Educational Material

These files contain teaching materials for Implementing Goal-Driven Measurement (IGDM).This method aligns measurements and indicators with business goals.


The Implementing Goal-Driven Measurement (IGDM) course describes the Goal-Question-Indicator Measure (GQIM) method of identifying and defining meaningful indicators aligning management, engineering, and improvement with business goals.  It offers a structured but flexible approach for aligning indicators with goals and developing an action plan to produce indicators that support decision making.  Through a mixture of lecture and exercises, students learn and experience how to facilitate GQIM sessions and use the indicator template to document the results.

The course is most beneficial for those charged with conducting measurement and analytical reporting (e.g., program management offices, process improvement teams) as well as those who receive such reports (e.g., CIOs, CTOs, and program and project managers).

In addition to the materials in this course, supplemental information can be found on the SEI website and elsewhere:

  • Applications of the Indicator Template for Measurement and Analysis
  • Deriving Enterprise-Based Measures Using the Balanced Scorecard and Goal-Driven Measurement Techniques
  • Measuring What Matters Workshop Report